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What Constitutes an Unmarked Crosswalk in Florida?

In Florida, you’ll find there are 2 types of crosswalks: marked and unmarked.

  • A marked crosswalk is indicated by lines painted on the ground.
  • An unmarked crosswalk occurs at every intersection, and is part of the roadway.

In order to determine the location of the unmarked crosswalk, you should picture the sidewalk or shoulder extending across the roadway until it meets the other side of the road. The unmarked crosswalk is measured from curb to curb. If there are no curbs, it is measured from the edge of the road.

Whether there is a marked or unmarked crosswalk, drivers should be mindful of the pedestrian right-of-way in Florida. Drivers who do not stop for pedestrians crossing the road may cause a pedestrian accident, which could result in serious injuries.

Right-of-way in Florida comes into play because it can strongly increase the likelihood that you’ll be held liable if you’re the driver in a pedestrian accident.