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Florida Bicycle Accident Handbook

Florida Bicycle Accident Handbook

As an avid cyclist, I understand the benefits of cycling, but also know about the dangers. In my personal injury law practice, I represent people who have been injured cycling and sadly, the survivors of those who have died. Our climate in Florida encourages cyclists to be out on the road. But, few roads are designed with the safety of bicyclists in mind. In addition, there are too many drivers who are unaware of or just plain indifferent to their responsibility to avoid endangering someone on a bike.

I am deeply committed to preventing needless injuries and deaths. Drivers must be held accountable when their negligent and irresponsible behavior on the road harms a cyclist, who has every bit as much right to the road as a motor vehicle. Over the years, I have learned a great deal about how bicycle accidents occur and how to prevent them. I wrote this handbook to help people who enjoy riding avoid injury and to provide straight forward information on the steps to take if the worst happens. – Jim Dodson

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Jim Dodson
Jim Dodson is a Florida personal injury attorney and Clearwater Car Accident lawyer. 727-446-0840