$3 Million Within 3 Days... Seriously?

Tornado and stormy skyExciting things happen in our lives when we give ourselves permission to stretch and set big goals and big dreams. God has given us the facility to imagine. We know this because children naturally live in a world of imagination. Unfortunately as we grow, the world constantly communicates to us that our big dreams created in our marvelous imagination aren’t really possible. We learn to give up pursuing them. We learn to fit in with those with no vision and settle for a life that doesn’t excite us.
But our dreams are possible. They are achievable. I’m talking about goals and dreams that scare and excite us. They scare us because it’s something we’ve never done before. They excite us because the results would be awesome in our lives and for the good of others.
But how do we go about achieving them? Bob Proctor, a personal development legend, has written about the 333 Story. The space here doesn’t allow me to give you all of the details. But, in essence it involved a Canadian television executive who imagined whether it would be possible to raise $3 million within the next three days in only three hours to aid a small community which had been wiped out by a horrific tornado.
When he met with the staff they all agreed it would be a terrific idea. But as you can expect, they immediately began to bring up all the reasons why they could not do it. He simply took a white board and created two columns. For the first he wrote “reasons why we can’t” and placed a big X under the space beneath. He told his staff they were not going to entertain any discussion of why not. Then he created a column for “how we will.” The transformation in the attitude of his staff was incredible. And the creative ideas of how it would be possible began to flow. Within three days they accomplished what seemed impossible.
Each of us can do the same. Expect the best. Entertain no thought that doesn’t support accomplishing your goal. You’ll be amazed, energized and excited.
Jim Dodson
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