Car Killed a Man Walking on the Sidewalk in Sarasota

The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) reported a 78 year-old pedestrian was killed last week when she was hit by a car while walking on a sidewalk on Midnight Pass Road. The fatal crash happened just before 9:30 in the morning, on the south end of Siesta Key.

Maria Fernandez, 35, the driver who ran the woman down was allegedly stopped in a space in a parking lot, when she accidently pressed the gas pedal of her Toyota SUV. FHP said the accident victim was on a sidewalk in front of the Tortuga Club Condos when Fernandez’ car accelerated and drove over bushes, onto the sidewalk and crashed into the elderly pedestrian. Tragically, authorities report the woman died of her injuries at the scene.

The driver, a resident of Sarasota, was charged with driving without a driver’s license, causing death. It is not clear from the news article, if her license had been revoked or if she never had one.

The AAA traffic safety organization estimates that two-thirds of people who have had their licenses revoked or suspended keep on driving. Sadly, they say one fifth of fatal crashes involve an illegal driver.

How many drivers do you think there are in Florida who continue to drive even though their licenses have been suspended or revoked? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

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