A Concrete Spill Led to Crash and Cyclist’s Uninsured Motorist Insurance Paid

Witnesses watched a concrete mixer dump unused concrete on the side of the road. It flowed entirely across roadway surface and hardened into a rough washboard-like surface. Months later our client was seriously hurt when she lost control of her bike riding across the rough concrete as part of a paceline.

We initially investigated the bicycle crash hoping to identify the concrete company and hold them responsible. Despite our best efforts, the witnesses our investigator discovered could clearly prove the concrete came from a commercial mixer truck. However, we could not nail down which company was responsible; there are a lot of similar looking trucks in the area from several companies.

We then turned our attention on our client’s uninsured motorist insurance company. We presented our settlement demand to them based upon what we could conclusively prove: the concrete came from a vehicle which left the scene and its ownership was unknown. Therefore, it was an uninsured vehicle within the terms of the client’s auto policy. We were able to secure a settlement for the limits of the policy. As you can imagine, our client was greatly relieved and tremendously happy at the turn of events.

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