Cyclists, You Need to Stack the Uninsured Motorist Coverage on Your Auto Policy

Cyclists Need to Stack UMJim reviews many auto policies for new clients and for those asking for a “free auto insurance review.” He always recommends that cyclists should never leave their home without $100,000 worth of UM benefits on their auto policy. This valuable coverage protects them if they are ever hit by a driver with little or no liability insurance to reimburse them for any harm caused by such an accident.

What he has noticed lately is the number of policies he has seen with better Uninsured Motorist coverage (for example, $250,000/$500,000) that is “unstacked.” He always recommends buying “stacked” UM. Remember, stacking UM doubles your UM benefits (for instance, $100,000/$300,000 becomes $200,000/$600,000 if stacked).

Additionally, stacking significantly broadens the number of situations in which UM will cover you. This is a critically important point. Jim recommends buying “stacked” UM, even if you own only one vehicle. It just adds much more protection to your UM policy.

If you have not reviewed your UM policy lately, despite hearing Jim talk to your club about this valuable coverage, do it today. While $100,000 is the absolute minimum any rider should have on their policy, he really urges everyone to carry an amount of $250,000/$500,000 or more and to “stack” their coverage. If you have a question about your coverage, check out our Free Insurance Review offer.

Jim Dodson
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A Florida injury lawyer, family man and avid cyclist who clients have trusted for over 25 years.
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