Accident Victim Saved on Their Premium But Lost A Lot of Money on Their Injury Claim

A potential client called our law office in Clearwater for help with their injury claim after being involved in a car wreck. This individual sustained very significant bodily injuries in the crash. The driver who caused it, of course, carried only the minimum bodily injury coverage on their auto policy. That meant the victim of this driver’s carelessness needed to look to their own uninsured motorist coverage (UM) for any hope of being fully compensated for their medical bills and other losses.

So, although the injured party had good bodily injury insurance on their own policy, they were out of luck because they had no uninsured motorist coverage. To make matters worse, they had waived it on the advice of their insurance agent to save a few bucks on their insurance premium.

Unfortunately, we get calls like this every week! Yes, I write about it often – in fact I even wrote a short guide to understanding Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Florida. But, I once again felt compelled to take the opportunity to drive home a big lesson to everyone who reads our blogs – even agents miss the point about UM! Here was another misinformed individual who probably saved $100 on their premium but lost the opportunity to get full value on their injury claim.

Are you wondering if you have the right coverage? To know for sure, fill out the Insurance Review form on our website and we’ll tell you. This is a free public service we offer at Jim Dodson Law. Why? Because we regularly receive calls from people who have been badly hurt in an accident and thought they were protected but found out too late, they were not.

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