Cyclist Run Down on His Bicycle and Left Helpless in the Road

As cyclists we deal with plenty of unprovoked hostility from drivers while sharing the roads. We get used to hearing the occasional, “Get on the sidewalk!” despite the laws permitting (and often requiring) us to ride on the road. We’re used to not always getting at least three feet of space when passed by motorists, even though the law requires it. One thing we will never get used to is complete disregard for a human life.

Griffin Shallows, a 25-year-old who had recently moved to Florida, was run down on his bicycle and left helpless in the road in November 2014. Just this week, the police arrested Angela Licciardi for the hit-and-run. Licciardi reportedly got out of her car to curse and spit at Shallows as he lay helpless in the street. The driver then got back into her car and drove away.

Eventually, a Good Samaritan saw him and called for help. Shallows is left with a broken left foot and leg, torn ligaments in his knee, multiple fractures in his arm and a totaled bicycle. The driver is now charged for leaving the scene of a crash involving injury. She has already had her license suspended three times since 2009.

Accidents like this leave me thinking… Why in the world would someone do that to a cyclist? What type of attitude breeds such intense contempt towards a complete stranger?

Since leaving the scene of an accident with injuries is a felony in Florida, she should get the full measure of what she deserves. You have to wonder whether jail time would lead to a change in her attitude.

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