All Anthony Wanted for Christmas was a New Bicycle

Anthony & Jim DodsonAll 10-year-old Anthony wanted for Christmas this year was a new bike. His mom, Sarah, knew how badly he wanted one so she began to save. With the help of Anthony’s older brother and his dad she was able to surprise him at Christmas with a new, green BMX bike. He loved it!

Two weeks after Christmas, Anthony was riding his bicycle outside of his mother’s apartment. He had left his bike lock at home because he couldn’t find the key. He parked his bike in front of his mother’s apartment and went inside to get a drink of water, just long enough for someone to steal it. Anthony was heartbroken. He knew his mom couldn’t afford to get him another one.

Anthony & Jim DodsonWhen his mom found out, she went online and, as she describes it, “went on a rant” about how someone could do this to a 10-year-old child. People began to offer her donations of $5 and $10 to get a new bike. She was appreciative, but she didn’t intend to start a donation campaign. She was just venting her frustration. Someone on Facebook told her she should get in touch with Jim Dodson because he supports kids and cycling.

Sarah sent an email to my Facebook describing what had happened. She said she wanted to know if we could help, but she didn’t know what to expect. Of course Anthony’s story touched us, and we set the wheels in motion to get him a new ride.

Jim Dodson & Anthony's FamilyOn Wednesday, January 21, Sarah told Anthony he needed to come with her to my office. He had no idea why. I met Anthony, his mom and Anthony’s older brother in the lobby. Anthony was overjoyed when we rolled out his new BMX bike, the exact bike he received at Christmas. He hopped right on and took off around our building.

Kati fitted him with a new helmet and gave him a new bike light. We told Anthony the only thing we asked of him was to promise to wear his helmet. Anthony happily agreed.

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