Attitude… How Would a Friend Describe Yours?

Woman doing yoga surrounded by buildingsEach of us is amazingly alike in many ways. However, the one thing that clearly distinguishes one from another is our attitude. That point is hugely important because it will determine the kind of life we live and the influence we have on others. Our attitude controls every aspect of our life.

Our attitude is the composite of our thoughts, which cause our feelings and, consequently, our actions. Bear in mind, our actions (what we do each day in every situation) will determine the results we achieve… in our work, relationships, finances and success in life.

Harvard University studied the influence of attitude when hiring someone for a job. Most of us would probably assume the top considerations are experience, training or education. Shockingly,  the results of the study showed 85% of the reason someone was hired was due to their attitude and only 15% because of their skills.

Another study by two universities found people with a positive attitude showed less signs of aging, were less likely to become frail, and were stronger and healthier than those with a negative attitude. They also live longer, are optimistic, courageous and confident, attract success, inspire others, and live purposeful lives of meaning.

We recognize someone’s attitude at once. Think of the difference you feel when you are around someone with a positive attitude… or a negative one. The truth is, we have total control of our attitude by controlling how we think. Change our attitude and it will change our life. Think of it as a gift you give yourself.

Author James Allen observed, “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitude.”  James Allen was a great thinker.

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