Learn How to Become a Goal Directed Person

Guy on mountain looking over the horizonSetting goals can be a life-changing discipline or simply a distraction from actually getting something done. It clearly is not sufficient to create a list of goals we take no action to achieve. What is it that separates the goal achievers from the planners?

The late Jim Rohn is quoted as saying "success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day. " A goal-directed person takes action. But more, it is the discipline to remain patient and focused, constantly directing your thought and effort toward the fulfillment of the goal. Although we live in a world of instant gratification and high-speed connectivity, achieving our goals comes with steady progress, not overnight success.

A great analogy is the movement of a cruise ship on the ocean. They slowly move toward their intended destination at a constant speed making steady, though unspectacular progress. But they do it 24 hours a day regardless of the conditions or the weather. Before you know it the destination is insight and the ship pulls comfortably into port.

Goal-directed people tend to hit their targets. They set goals which excite them, energize them and give them purpose. Goal-directed people are fully involved in life. They are not passive observers. They act and are not simply acted upon. They have determined to take charge of their circumstances, not have circumstances control them. Goals they achieve empower them to set yet higher ones, climbing like stair steps allowing them to achieve things unimaginable to them before the journey began.

Goal directed people always have intermediate targets on the way to their destination. Their focus is constantly on the next intermediate step and they think about it day and night. They turn the process over to their subconscious allowing progress to be made even in their sleep. Often they wake in the morning with a solution to a problem.
Circumstances and fortuitous events seem to come naturally to them. They have become aware of what is necessary to achieve success on their journey which creates awareness when they encounter circumstances and events others might well overlook.

Goal achieving is not magic. It is not ordained for a lucky few. It is available to each of us if we do the simple disciplines daily to achieve what we desire.

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