Bicyclist Crashes into Car Windshield and Yells "I'm the Man You Hit"

ABC 12 News reported Steven Gove, a 56-year-old Wisconsin bicyclist, was recently struck by a car while he was delivering newspapers. This might not seem all that unusual but what happened next is unthinkable. The impact of the crash caused him to be thrown into the car windshield and the 20 year-old driver who caused the accident kept on driving! The injured bicyclist screamed “Hello, I’m the guy you hit on the bicycle,” as the motorist drove down the road, striking another vehicle and running through a stop sign on the way. 

According to the news, the driver did not see Gove, whose body was partially in the car with his knees and feet sticking out, until he arrived at his home. The man reportedly asked the injured cyclist who was able to stay conscious, “Who are you and what are you doing in my car.” Gove then heard him say “I’m going to jail” as he left him there and went into his home. Gove was able to pull himself through the windshield and get out through the passenger side door.  

Fortunately, a witness saw the cyclist and took him to the hospital where doctors removed glass from his eyes, and treated him for lacerations to his head and legs. Law enforcement said the hit-and-run driver was found at his house. 

Gove is shocked that the motorist did not see him. When he was struck, he apparently was riding with both front and rear flashers on his bicycle and was wearing a neon reflective vest.  “I didn’t see them” is a common response police hear when they arrive at a crash site from many motorists who cause bicycle accidents. 

The unanswered question is why the driver didn’t see him when the injured man’s body was mostly inside of his car? It's unimagainable. The man has not been formally charged, but may face several preliminary charges including suspicion of failing to render aid, suspicion of a hit-and-run causing injuries and suspicion of DUI. 

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