Bradenton Motorcyclist is Seriously Injured After SUV Rear Ended Him

A 28-year-old motorcyclist remains in critical condition after being rear-ended by an SUV on Sunday afternoon in Bradenton. The Bradenton Patch reports the rider was stopped in traffic on East Ninth Street when the 34-year-old driver of a Lincoln Navigator crashed into the back of his 2006 Honda Italia motorcycle.

The motorcyclist was thrown from his bike which continued to be pushed through traffic due to the impact of the SUV. The motorcycle rear-ended another car stopped in traffic before flipping and coming to a stop. The cyclist was taken to a local hospital where he is still in critical condition. Both drivers of the other vehicles were uninjured.

The motorist who caused the accident told law enforcement she could not avoid hitting the motorcyclist because a soft drink bottle was stuck under her brake pedal. The Florida Highway Patrol charged her with careless driving.

Driving carelessly frequently results in life-threatening injuries of other motorists. Careless driving commonly involves actions such as driving aggressively, fatigued, distracted, too fast, or not properly using turn signals while switching lanes.

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