But I’m Not Ready To…

Cyclist riding on the road into the sunsetOne of my cycling magazines had an article by a guy who has ridden his bicycle across several continents. He lives a life many would envy even if they did a small fraction of what he has done. He acknowledges that while not everyone is free to live his life, many are free to do far more and be far more than they are at present. They just never start.

Whether it’s touring the country on your bike (or in your car) we all have dreams we would love to fulfill. But as this writer points out most of us never start because we convince ourselves that “I’m not ready.” Most dreams require doing something, probably something we have never done or doing it in such a bigger way we’re not sure we even know what steps to take to make it happen. Taking an exotic foreign trip may require assembling all the required gear, researching the route, getting a sense of the culture or language or how to handle the unexpected in an unfamiliar environment. It can be intimidating or seem overwhelming.

People who fail to act on their dreams never get past this stage of believing they must be fully prepared for every eventuality. As a result result they make no progress on following through on their dream. There is always something more that needs to be done. As a result they‘re never ready. But that thinking means they will never be ready and they will never start.

People of accomplishment get past this stage. They understand there will always be something they are not fully prepared to meet. We can’t possibly predict every turn of events. We must simply commit to begin. Nothing moves us like a deadline. By June 1st I will begin my adventure or start my new life journey.

Norman Cousin’s made a quote I love about unfulfilled lives when he said “the tragedy of life is the dreams that die within us while we live.”

People of great accomplishment were never fully ready either. They simply committed to act anyway. So can you and I.

Jim Dodson
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A Florida injury lawyer, family man and avid cyclist who clients have trusted for over 25 years.
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