Coast Bike Share will Be Putting 300 New Rental Bikes in Tampa

Downtown Tampa is looking to ditch its reputation as the second most dangerous place in the nation for pedestrians and bicyclists. The city is working with Coast Bike Share to put 300 new rental bikes in place for Tampa-goers.

We all know that more bike riders mean less gas consumption, but it also means more exposure to cyclists, which is exactly what Tampa needs to become safer. Awareness is the key to safety and with more riders on the streets, drivers will be more ready for them

Some residents are nervous about the influx of cyclists in the city. Their fears seem grounded; in fact, a professor at Rutgers University predicted that New York City’s injuries and fatalities among cyclists and pedestrians would double or triple after Citi Bike was implemented. However, their worries are needless. Since the first bike sharing program started in 2007, the company has documented over 23 million rides with no users killed on bikes

Frequent riders have already noticed a change in attitudes towards cyclists. With the installation of bike lanes and more cyclists in the city, they are noticing fewer close calls and more respect. This will only improve as Coast Bike Share helps the city become more bike friendly.

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