The Increase in Cellphone Use Seems to Be the Cause for an Increase in Crashes and Insurance Rates

Our phones are becoming smarter but our driving behavior isn't. Auto insurers investigate the cause of every crash more thoroughly than the police. They want to know what's causing a spike they are all seeing in crashes nationwide. The common denominator seems to be smart phone use. They have seen a direct correlation between the dramatic increase in smart phone ownership by drivers and payments being made for crash claims. These also directly correlate with the dramatic increase in auto premiums nationwide.

State Farm's own survey in 2015 found 36% of people admitted texting while driving and 29% surfing the Internet. The numbers are even more alarming in the age group18 to 29 where 64% text and 54% use the Internet while driving. These are not comforting statistics for anyone who enjoys recreational cycling.

I haven't seen any studies on this but I would imagine that as rates continue to escalate many people will not opt to carry high levels of bodily injury protection for those that they might injure while texting or using the Internet. This is another reminder to look at your uninsured motorist coverage on your auto policy in order to protect yourself against this alarming trend.

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