Cyclists Decrease the Odds of Being Hit By Wearing Lights On Your Ankles

If you’ve heard me speak at an event in the past few months you know I promote the concept of Bio Motion. Bio Motion is designed to take advantage of the human eye’s magnificent ability to detect the movement of our body, particularly our legs and feet while cycling.

The short version of my presentation is that we need fluorescent colors on our feet, ankles and legs in order to significantly increase the odds of being recognized by a driver as someone on a bicycle. Studies have shown that wearing fluorescent colors in those areas takes advantage of Bio Motion and increases our visibility to drivers by as much as 50%.

Another part of this formula is to wear bright flashing red lights on our ankles while we ride. Wearing a rear facing flashing red light on our ankles, in addition to one on our bike or seat post, significantly increases our odds of being seen much earlier by inattentive motorists.

A client emailed me recently and gave me a link for lights that he attaches to his ankles while he rides. Dan is recovering from a cycling crash and is committed to doing everything in his power to increase his visibility. I appreciate the email Dan. I’ve ordered a couple of sets. They come with a strap which simply wraps around your ankle. I ordered the lights from Amazon for less than $20. If you would like to check them out just do a search for: KEYWELL USB Rechargeable LED Safety Lights.

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