Had Your Bell Rung in a Crash? No Big Deal? Ask Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

For many decades it was assumed that having your “bell rung” playing sports was part of the game and players needed to shake it off. Were they ever wrong! Since all the publicity surrounding their effects on NFL players there has been an explosion of research of concussions and brain injuries. We now know they are not an event, as was once assumed, but they initiate a process of cellular damage which ripples through the brain and often has long lasting effects.

Dale Earnhardt Sr. died of a brain injury during a NASCAR crash in 2001. His son, Jr., suffered a series of crashes, one in 2012 left him with lingering concussion effects. Despite his symptoms he did not take time off racing until another crash in 2016 which shortened his racing season. When he crashed again in 2017 he decided it was enough and he retired from racing.

Recognizing Concussion Symptoms is Crucial

Concussions are common in many types of injury cases, including car collisions, falls, bicycle accidents and motorcycle crashes. Rather than ignoring them, it is critical the symptoms are recognized and properly diagnosed. We have developed a specific Head Injury Checklist which we provide to our clients and prospective clients if a concussion is even suspected. It contains dozens of the most common concussion symptoms and allows our clients to recognize many symptoms they are experiencing. It is quite common to have a client tell us they have “a few” concussion symptoms, only to recognize a dozen or more they were currently experiencing once they see it on our checklist. We encourage our clients to take the form to their neurologist appointment to be sure nothing is left out of the history they give their doctor.

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