Driver Flees After Injuring 18 Year Old Bicyclist in Ft. Myers Crash

The news has reported the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) needs the public’s help in locating the vehicle or identifying the driver who hit and seriously injured bicyclist Joseph Newell on Wednesday night and then left the scene. The collision happened about 8:30 p.m. as the 18 year-old was riding his bicycle southbound in the crosswalk at the intersection of U.S. 41 and Beacon Manor Drive. The driver who struck him made a right turn into the path of the young cyclist and then continued driving down Beacon Manor Drive. 

Authorities have no information regarding the make or model of the vehicle or the hit and run driver responsible for the collision. 

We can only imagine the family of this young man must be wondering how a driver would not pull over and stop to help or call emergency responders. Sadly, this is a freqent occurrence in Florida. In 2012, 17,000 people were injured by drivers who hit and ran and cowardly did not stay at the scene to accept responsibility for their wrongdoing.  

If you have any information that might be helpful to the Florida Highway Patrol, please call 239-938-1800.

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