Electronic Device that Helps Parents Avoid Forgetting a Sleeping Child in the Car

On several occasions, we have written in our Jim Dodson Law Blog about the danger of accidentally leaving children in cars, which can cause death from hypothermia. Child injury attorney Jim Dodson wants readers to be aware of every possible way in which the tragedy of these unnecessary child deaths can be prevented.

We have learned of an electronic device that helps parents avoid forgetting a sleeping child when leaving a car by means of an alarm attached to the driver’s keychain that begins to sound if the adult has moved more than15 feet away from a child restrained in a car seat. The device is called the ChildMinder Smart Clip System and sells for around $70. It can be purchased from the Baby Alert International website at www.babyalert.info.

There have been 524 child deaths from hypothermia nationwide since 1998. Florida typically reports between 2 and 10 such deaths every year.

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