U.S. 19 and Seminole Boulevard Prove to be Deadly for Florida Pedestrians

Two busy Pinellas County roads each claimed the life of a pedestrian recently in separate pedestrian collisions. The first involved a 54-year-old woman who was struck by a vehicle while attempting to cross U.S. 19 in Hudson. News accounts did not provide specific details about how her unfortunate death occurred. However, from the available information, she was attempting to walk eastbound across U.S. 19 near Babson Avenue when she was struck by a northbound vehicle. There is no specific reference she was crossing at an intersection, however no charges were filed against the driver or the deceased.

In a second collision, a young Palm Harbor woman was killed crossing Seminole Boulevard in Seminole. In this unfortunate crash, the deceased was attempting to cross eastbound traffic and was struck by a vehicle driving southbound in the median lane. News reports indicate the impact occurred as the vehicle was approaching the intersection.

Not Crossing at an Intersection Increases Danger and May Put Pedestrians Partially at Fault for an Accident

From the descriptions provided neither of these unfortunate victims appear to have been using a crosswalk at the time they were hit. Surely, anyone who steps off the curb intending across a road believes at the time they began to cross that they can do so safely. Virtually every pedestrian collision happens because of a combination of unexpected actions by either the driver or the pedestrian, or both.

Florida is a comparative fault state. This simply means in any type of injury or death situation fault, or responsibility, for causing the injury can be placed entirely on the driver, or on the victim, or may be divided between them based upon the circumstances of the crash.

When a Florida pedestrian accident lawyer evaluates a potential claim on behalf of the victim, or the victim's survivors, the actions of both the driver and the pedestrian must be examined closely. An experienced pedestrian injury lawyer understands the arguments which can be successfully made in order to assign as much blame as possible upon the driver based on the circumstances of what occurred. Responsibility in any type of collision may not be as obvious as the victim, or their survivors, may assume initially. Many seemingly impossible pedestrian collisions have been successfully settled on their behalf.

Has A Loved One Died Due To The Negligence Of Others?

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