Pedestrians Being Killed at Unprotected Mid-Block Crossings in Florida

Women crossing at mid-block Jim Dodson LawFlorida continues to lead the nation in pedestrian deaths. The Tampa-St Petersburg-Clearwater area remains one of the most dangerous in the country, as does the Orlando area. Florida has held the top spot since at least 2014.

Cities are increasingly focused on infrastructure updates to help curb the danger posed by navigating urban areas on foot. Tampa’s effort to reduce pedestrian injuries includes, for instance, adding mid-block crossings. This effort is badly needed.

The Dangers of Pedestrians Crossing at Mid-Block

Too frequently the distance between traffic signals in many urban corridors are simply too far apart. It is not uncommon for signals to be many blocks apart. Having to walk two or three blocks to reach a pedestrian crossing tempts people to simply take the shortest route. We used to call this jay walking. Today it is known as a mid-block crossing. The act of crossing a busy road at mid-block without the benefit of a pedestrian warning system can be dangerous, at best.

The danger of mid-block crossings can be reduced by adding mid-block pedestrian crossings in order to increase the odds of the pedestrian being seen by approaching motorists. These crossings would have to include appropriate street marking along with a system of flashing lights requiring drivers to stop.

Hopefully, as these infrastructure changes continue to be implemented the number of pedestrian deaths will be greatly be reduced. Being a pedestrian in Florida should not be the cause of someone’s early death. This is particularly true for our elderly citizens, as well as the infirm or disabled who need more time to get safely across our urban roadways.

Have You Lost a Loved One in a Florida Pedestrian Accident?

Attorney Jim Dodson has been successfully handling pedestrian death claims for over 25 years. He can advise you about the details of your case that will help you obtain the compensation your family deserves. If your loved one was killed in a pedestrian accident due to a negligent driver contact us online or call us directly at 727-446-0840 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.

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