Tony Bridely was Killed Riding His Bicycle and the Driver Fled the Scene

A 23-year-old Fort Myers bicyclist died Monday morning after being hit by a car on Nuna Avenue in Fort Myers. According to Wink News, the cyclist, Tony Bridley, was likely biking home from work when he was hit by a vehicle. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene, but Fort Myers Police have located the vehicle involved in the crash. Police are currently trying to locate the owner of the vehicle who caused the tragic accident.

The Fort Myers News-Press reported that Bridley was a former employee of The Quality of Life Center in Fort Myers. The center offers after school care and teaches educational programs to empower at-risk youth. While working there, he read to preschoolers and was said to be looked up to by many of the young boys he taught. The Fort Myers News-Press also stated he was a member of a religious dance group called THUG or True Heroes Under God. Upon his passing, The Quality of Life Center memorialized Bridley by releasing a statement on their Facebook saying, “we have fond memories of him and his brother bringing so much joy to our community and our students. His passion for love and for people was contagious.”

This is another sad story of someone who lost their life simply riding a bicycle in Fort Myers. While the news accounts do not describe who was at fault, they do report it was a hit and run. Leaving the scene of an accident with injuries is a felony in Florida. But beyond the legality, when someone leaves the scene of an accident, they typically do not report the accident or call for help. Leaving the scene frequently causes delay in the victim getting timely medical help and can be the difference between someone living or dying. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a Florida accident, here is what you need to know before hiring a hit and run accident lawyer.

As a service to the residents of Florida, Jim Dodson Law frequently publishes news of local accidents. We do this to raise awareness about the common types of accidents in Florida which result in serious injuries and at times, fatal injury. This report of the news does not imply there is an attorney client relationship. 

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