Motorcyclist Killed By Elderly Driver in a KIA SUV

A 28-year-old Oviedo man was killed when an elderly man drove his Kia SUV into the path of his Yamaha motorcycle Tuesday morning.

According to the crash report, a 77-year-old man was driving his SUV south on Alafaya Trail near Beasley Road and attempted a left turn, failing to yield to the motorcyclist who was traveling north. The motorcycle struck the right side of the SUV, killing the rider.

A week ago, a 29-year-old Orlando man died in a similar accident after he was thrown from his Suzuki motorcycle near the intersection of Goldenrod and Charlin Parkway. In that accident, a 73-year-old woman who had been traveling north on Goldenrod made a left turn into the motorcycle’s path.

A 60-year-old Clermont motorcyclist was killed when a Ford pickup violated his right of way and t-boned his Yamaha on the cycle’s left side on County Road 561 in Lake County.

A 48-year-old on a motorcycle died when a car turned left in front of his Kawasaki on Edgewater Drive, causing him to fall off the motorcycle. He was then run over by another car.

All of the victims of these fatal motorcycle accidents were in the right; the drivers of the other vehicles were apparently at fault in each case, according to accident reports.

Drivers who make left turns in front of motorcycles are the biggest reason for motorcycle crashes in Florida. Three hundred eighty-three motorcyclists died on Florida’s roads in 2010.

Motorcycles are more difficult to see at a glance, and drivers are not taking the time to look carefully, especially when they are distracted. They fail to observe the motorcycle and violate the cyclist’s right of way. Sometimes a driver sees the motorcycle approaching but misjudges its speed and attempts a turn, with disastrous results.

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Yes, Jennifer. Paramedics can be called as witnesses.
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Would paramedic be witness in court to confirm driver identify if they unbuckled and pulled at fault driver from car and transported to hospital
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