Is Garmin’s Rear Facing Radar Worth the Price?

Wouldn’t it be great to ride with confidence, no vehicle will surprise you coming from behind. Garmin has an answer. The question is, will it be the answer. The Varia Rearview Radar alerts cyclists of a vehicle’s positions behind them. For $199.99 the radar detects traffic up to 140 meters away. The problem is it needs to be paired with one of Garmin’s Edge devices. Paired together the system lets out an audible beep when traffic is close by, and detects how close cars are to your position.

The tail light flashes and gets brighter as a vehicle gets closer. Unfortunately according to reviews, the radar only runs optimally when paired with the Edge system recommended, which retails for $599.00. Reviews say, when they bought the cheaper Edge system they found the radar did not work as efficiently, and brought up false positives.

Is the system worth the price? We believe that since the technology has only recently been introduced we should see the price drop as other units enter the market. If you have experience with the system, or others, we’d love to hear from you.

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