Goals and the Power of Belief: Part I

Hand reaching to the skyI hope each of us are working, or at least thinking about, our goals. In the process of working on mine, I’ve been reading and thinking about the power of belief. I’m convinced it is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. It’s available and within reach for each of us. Yet, it is largely misunderstood, much less effectively used.

Pam and I love to watch movies, especially at home on cable. This week we saw the movie, Miracle on Ice, about the 1980 U.S. men’s Olympic hockey team. This was before “dream teams” were made up of professional athletes. No, this hockey team was a bunch of college All-Stars who had never played together before. The film showed how they worked their tails off under Coach Herb Brooks, who ultimately convinced them they could achieve what they were dreaming, but only after they began to BELIEVE they could win. This happened during their match against the Russians during the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York.

Bear in mind the Russians were without a doubt the best team in the world. They were all professionals and had played together as a team for ten years. They beat the U.S. team by ten goals in a preliminary match before the Olympic competition began. But, during their Olympic match something magical happened… those All-Stars began to BELIEVE they could achieve their dream. Crossing that line from doubt to BELIEF changed everything. Theirs became one of the most celebrated American Olympic gold medal victories… and a great movie.

BELIEF is the foundation of every faith. The simple but profound act of believing separates what we call believers from non-believers. The decision to believe the tenets of faith change every thing.

How does this relate to setting our goals in life? Simply this, in order to set goals we must BELIEVE we can achieve them or we are wasting our time. No lasting results in our lives change without dreaming, setting a goal to achieve that dream, creating a plan to work towards its achievement and regularly reviewing and revising the results along the way.

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