As a Man Thinketh So is He…. or We Are What We Think About Most of the Time

Northern LightsWhen was the last time you seriously thought about your life? Are you satisfied with things in it or are there areas you know you want to change but haven’t done anything about them? Think about your job or career, your relationships with those you love, your finances, your health or fitness, and travel or just having some fun?

Each of us makes choices every day that create our lives. The reality is we must be satisfied with our lives because we continue to choose the things that are in them. It’s that simple! On the other hand, if we don’t like what we are experiencing, we have the power to change. But, first we need to get to the place where we believe we need to make a change. Then, realize it is up to us to begin to believe we can change any part of our life. The changes become our goals.

The more I have read and pursued success thinking and success literature I’ve come to realize we can absolutely become the person we want to become. We simply must believe it is possible! Believing is the key ingredient. Once we believe anything is possible, even if others view it as impossible, we can go after those goals that will change our lives and even our world.

Have you ever thought about what separates those we view as successful from everyone else? Successful people are goal oriented people. The vast majority don’t just stumble into their success. Setting goals creates clarity. It speeds up achievement and creates persistence because we know exactly what we want to achieve.

The goals we set don’t have to be ones that will change the world, but they must be ones that will change our own world. Working towards our goals gives our lives direction. Each day that passes we are directing our lives, making choices that will determine what next week, next month, next year and the years that follow will hold for us. We must be purposeful in making those choices. Without goals and purpose we are like the vast majority who drift through life without direction or purpose.

Let’s set our goals, believe in their achievement, persist in making purposeful choices each day leading to their fulfillment, and see where it takes us.

You can have anything you want if you will give up the belief you can’t have it.
- Anthony Robbins

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