He Fired All of His Bullets

Golfer hitting a ball into the the sunsetI was reading a news obituary about a guy who lived an extraordinary life involved in business, adventure travel, family and philanthropy. His wish was that his headstone be inscribed with “he fired all his bullets.” It was a successful epithet because it made me stop and think.

I was blessed to have had a wonderful friend and mentor for 25 years who passed away this year at age 92. He played professional baseball and golf before beginning his business career. He had retired from business before we met and was passionate about golf. He was always an amazing athlete who was constantly “working on his swing” and always wanted to show me what he had developed. He worked part time as a golf course starter where he was an ambassador of good will and encouragement to everyone he met. He was also a man of deep faith which he openly shared. He lived a rich and fulfilled life. The day before he died, he played 9 holes of golf. The next morning he went to church, stopped for breakfast and went home and died. He had enjoyed an amazing life and truly “fired all his bullets”.

I love that expression. It reminds me that every day is precious and when it’s done I can’t relive it. It challenges me to avoid missed opportunities and not to delay doing the things that bring meaning to me or to those I love. It makes me give myself permission to dream, to set goals and attack my mental bucket list while I’m able and not take things too seriously.

Will that expression fit my life? While it’s too early to tell, I’m committed to try and make it so! How about you?

Jim Dodson
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A Florida injury lawyer, family man and avid cyclist who clients have trusted for over 25 years.
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