Health Benefits of eBikes

It is well established that a healthy lifestyle, including eating well, exercising and getting enough sleep at night, does wonders for our health and helps slow the aging process. Cyclists know that riding is one of the best exercises for long term health. In fact, a recent study found that as little as 12 minutes a day of vigorous cycling can have enormous benefits across the entire body.

Now, a growing body of research is establishing that e-bikes provide many of the same benefits as traditional biking, and in some cases, may provide new and additional benefits to those suffering from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

Ebikes encourage an active lifestyle, which is crucial for overall health and wellness. Many people love that eBikes allow a cyclist to move at a faster pace without requiring a considerable amount of effort to maintain that pace. The bike’s motor assists with both keeping at speed and with reducing the effort to maintain that speed.

One study regarding these health benefits was particularly noteworthy. Jay Albers at the Cleveland Clinic found that being able to pedal faster than normal without overexerting (an action that eBikes promote) increased motor function in Parkinson’s patients by as much as 35%.  “The eBike has great potential to enable and empower older adults, even those with neurological impairment to retain an active lifestyle,” Alberts says. He added, “I think we’ve demonstrated that this type of exercise is medicine.”

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