Thanksgiving is the Most Dangerous Holiday to Drive

Heavy trafficThe National Safety Council has crowned Thanksgiving as the most dangerous holiday in the United States. Fires and food poisoning are obvious dangers when a certain aunt or in-law (who isn’t necessarily the best cook) offers to make the bird, but the kitchen isn’t the only place you need to be careful this weekend. The roads present the biggest threat to safety.

If You are Traveling for the Holiday this Year, Keep These Tips in Mind:

  • Always buckle up, even when traveling short distances.
  • Put the phone down when you are at the wheel. Even hands-free communication is a distraction!
  • Secure children in appropriate child restraints.
  • Never drink and drive! Just one drink impairs your ability to drive.
  • Make sure you have adequate auto insurance coverage! We are happy to do a free review of your policy if you are unsure about your coverage.
  • Practice defensive driving.

Feel free to call us with any questions you may have, order our free book, Five Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Florida Accident Case or request our free Glove Box Accident Kit. It is always free to consult about an injury case.

Jim Dodson
A Florida injury lawyer, family man and avid cyclist who clients have trusted for over 25 years.
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