Construction Worker was Hit and Killed While Working on I-75

June 15, 2011 – A fatal construction work zone accident took the life of a 19 year old man who was working on I-75 on June 14th. The young man, an employee of Pepper Contracting Services, was on the outside shoulder of southbound I-75. He was attaching a sign that reminds drivers to slow down in a construction work zone. According to news filed by the St. Pete Times, as he was positioning the speed limit sign, a pickup truck went off the road onto the shoulder. The truck then crashed into and crushed the warning sign eventually hitting the accident victim, causing the fatal accident.

The victim, a 2010 graduate of Brandon High School, suffered very serious injuries in this tragic crash. Reports say the driver, Logan Tanner Feagle, 21 of Land of Lakes, “failed to maintain control of his car.” The accident is being investigated. Feagle has not been charged at this time however, records state he has been cited for speeding three times since 2005. He was also found guilty of careless driving in 2006. It is undetermined at this point if alcohol or drugs were a factor in the fatal accident.

Those who knew the young accident victim who was the recent father of a four month old baby, describe him as “doing everything he was suppose to,” and “a really good kid, you would be glad to meet.” Naturally, his fiancé and family are devastated by his loss. They have plans to set up a fund for his baby daughter.

Construction work zones pose threats for both workers and drivers alike. Many drivers don’t realize they are literally driving by another person’s work environment. Speeding or being distracted while driving through a work zone often leads to serious injury or death.

What is the Lesson for All of Us?

According to a federal highway administrator, distracted driving, impaired driving and speeding are the major known factors in work zone accidents. So, drive slowly and pay attention when going through construction work zones in Florida.

In fact, always slow down when passing through a roadway work zone area, even if you think no one may be working there.

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