John Goodard's List Changed His Life

Someone creating a list of goalsJohn Goddard is known as the real Indiana Jones. He was determined to accomplish something with his life. Many people express that intention, few actually identify and write down exactly what they intend to do. What separated John from the others was his incredible list of life goals and how many he was able to accomplish.

When John was 15, he created a written list of 127 things he wanted to accomplish during his life. His was unlike any list most people could even imagine. It included exploring 8 major rivers around the world, studying 20 primitive cultures from the Congo to Alaska, climbing some 15 major mountains in the U.S. and abroad, visiting every country in the world, studying medicine, photographing every major waterfall, learning to fly an airplane, retracing the travels of Marco Polo and Alexander the Great, exploring the major coral reefs of the world, and another 50 as varied as running a 5 minute mile, weighing 175 pounds, reading all the great works of literature, becoming familiar with all the great musical compositions, learning to play 2 musical instruments, landing an airplane on an aircraft carrier, as well as marrying and having children.

Incredibly, he accomplished 120 of the goals on his list. He died in Los Angeles in May, at the age of 88.

John Goddard is hailed as the World’s Greatest Goal Achiever. He is cited by every success writer and motivational speaker on the power of written goals. While many of us have an idea of some goals, it’s the act of  writing them down that begins the commitment to shoot a specific target. This is what the vast majority of us never do. It is the first step in radically changing our life.

Do you have a list of goals? Do your children? One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is teaching them the power of written goals. It will change their life and yours.

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