As Drivers, We Can Do Better

Cars in trafficDid you know fifty percent of drivers rate themselves in the top twenty percent of driver safety and skill? With that in mind here's a look (and a reminder) of the leading causes of car crashes:
  1. Thirty three percent of crashes are caused by drivers who do not stay in their own lane. One of the biggest concerns of a cyclist is the failure of a driver approaching them from the rear drifting out of their lane. It is impossible to safely operate a vehicle while using a cell phone for any reason and ought to be outlawed.
  2. Rear end car accidents account for about twenty five percent of all vehicle crashes. It's been estimated people save a mere 26 seconds a day hurrying when they drive.
  3. Falling asleep at the wheel accounts for only seven percent of all crashes, but nearly twenty one percent of fatal crashes. Our busy lives come at a cost.
  4. Losing control of a vehicle results in eleven percent of crashes. Many drivers mistakenly assume they can safely control their vehicle even during unsafe maneuvers. This is not a safe assumption!
  5. Blindly turning into or crossing a lane when we can't safely see that it is clear to do so leads to twelve percent of crashes. This commonly occurs when two lanes are blocked by standing traffic, but the turning driver has no idea what may be approaching in the "open" third lane.
  6. Making a rolling right turn while looking left exposes pedestrians and cyclists approaching from the right accounts for only six percent of crashes but a disproportionate number of pedestrian and cycling injuries.

Have You Been Injured In A Car Accident?

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