Impact of Two Vehicles Caused One of the Driver's to Hit a Man Walking on the Sidewalk

The driver of a white truck lost control of his vehicle and ran down a man on a sidewalk on Friday afternoon, in Naples. Law enforcement reported Christopher Vetter slammed into the car in front of him while driving on Immokalee Road. In a freakish accident, the impact of the two vehicles crashing caused his truck to run off the road and hit Luis Diez, 54, who happened to be on the sidewalk.

Diez, very tragically, died at the scene. Witnesses said they watched Vetter trying to swerve to avoid hitting him. The truck rolled over after going up an embankment and hitting a tree. The driver was taken to NCH with serious injuries.

ABC News had no details on why the driver rear ended the car ahead of him. Police at the scene said they did not think alcohol was a factor. No one in the other car was injured.

This is the second fatal pedestrian accident this week we have written about. Luis Diez is another innocent person walking on a sidewalk and struck by a driver who lost control of a car and ran him down.  

Too many crashes in which a pedestrian is killed are due to driver carelessness. Sadly, someone else pays for this “mistake” with their life. Too many of us take driving too casually. There is a reason Florida recognizes a car as a dangerous instrumentality. It is because of the harm they can cause.

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