Meet Leo Rodgers, Inspiring Amputee & Cyclist

BicycleLeo lost his left leg at the hip in a motorcycle collision in 2007. That devastating injury not only changed his life but his life purpose. When Leo was introduced to the possibility of riding a bicycle he made the transition.  He also went from working as a motorcycle mechanic to working on bicycles. But more than that, Leo is an inspiring ambassador of hope and determination.

I heard Leo speak recently. He is a humble man who seeks no recognition. He declares his bicycle has become his gymnasium, therapist, physician, transportation and recreation. Leo owns numerous bicycles and cycles to work each day over 11 miles. He doesn't own a car. His athletic ability is quite amazing. If you can imagine dealing with having only one leg and no prosthesis.

Simply standing requires the use of a crutch or balancing aid. Leo does a lot of hopping on his one leg when not using his crutches throughout the day.

He's also became a paralympic athlete competing against amputees and other disabled people in a category for riders who can use a standard bicycle. He is able to average 20 mph on a flat surface using a fixed gear bicycle. Stop and think how difficult it is for many riders who have no limitations to maintain a 20 mile-per-hour average.

Leo is training for the 2020 Paralympics in Japan. He realized he was overdoing the mileage when he was riding 200
miles a week. Consequently, he modified his training regimen by reducing his overall mileage to about 100 and week mixing in short endurance intervals along with weightlifting.

Rodgers hopes to become a motivational speaker. Believe me, he is well on the way.

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