Motorcyclist Dies in Palm Harbor Crash When Motorist Fails to Yield

Florida roadways and vehicles are peppered with billboards and bumper stickers with messages which remind motorists we all need to share the road! We’ve all seen them, “watch for motorcycles; look twice and save a life” yet accidents happen everyday. Among the worst as far as devastating, if not fatal injuries, are crashes involving cars and motorcyclists (and pedestrians and bicyclists). They are commonly called “vulnerable road users.”

Each is vulnerable because they don’t have the protection the driver of a car has. When an accident involving a motorcyclist happens usually the injuries the rider suffers are severe or fatal. Motorcycle crashes are frequent occurrences in Florida. The leading cause is a driver pulling out in front of a biker.

A Tampa Bay Times news article reported this type of crash on Tuesday. A twenty-four year old motorcycle rider died in Palm Harbor when he was struck by a car at the intersection of Omaha Street and Countryside Lane. The motorcyclist was crossing Omaha when the driver of a car, a 74 year old man, pulled out in front of him causing him to be thrown from his bike in the impact.

Law enforcement said the motorcycle rider was wearing a helmet but sadly, died later at Bayfront Health, in St. Petersburg. The driver who hit the young man was not injured, although a passenger in his vehicle was reported to have suffered serious injuries in the accident. The crash is being investigated.

This message serves as another reminder to all drivers to please slow down, look twice and share the road.

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