Wally Kurz Sets New Cycling Ascent Record Up Mt. Washington

80 Year-Old Wally KurzMt. Washington is located in New Hampshire and is the highest peak in the east. It also features some of the highest recorded winds at the summit and notoriously unpredictable weather. A very vertical seven mile road allows access to the summit, including a section with an incredible 22% grade near the top.  It attracts both runners and cyclists in events including the Mount Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hill Climb each August.

Wally Kurz lives part of the year in New Hampshire and the other in The Villages. In August, 80 year old Wally set the new record for his age group (75-80) reaching the peak in 2:16.20. He complains he would have been under two hours if he hadn't been forced to dismount near the top due to cramping which forced him to dismount temporarily. He said you definitely want to avoid getting off your bike because it is so difficult to remount and continue.

Wally was no stranger to the mountain. He competed on it in the 80's as a runner before his knees forced him move to cycling.

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