New Helmets to Prevent Brain Injuries Caused By Sport and Cycling Accidents

Whether you are a cyclist, a motorist, or an athlete, the importance of wearing a helmet cannot be overstated. But sometimes wearing a helmet is not enough. While awareness and treatment of brain injuries has greatly improved, the helmet technology to prevent these injuries has not kept up. However, there are a handful of companies working to design innovative helmet technologies to help prevent brain injuries caused by sport and cycling accidents.

Tate Technology

Coil Sport Safety Technology uses a coiled shell whose primary mechanism is dissipation. The coil shell is designed to take the force of the impact and dissipate it into a wave form that moves right to left. Tate Technology claims that initial helmet tests have reduced impact forces by as much as 35%.

6D Helmets

6D Helmets’ goal is to design a helmet that is stiff enough to withstand high energy forces but not so stiff as to be ineffective during less severe collisions. Their solution is to use isolation dampers that contract and twist upon impact to absorb the force which would otherwise move directly into the inner layer of the helmet.

Multi-Layer Helmet

The University of Washington is developing helmets that it aims to have NFL players testing this spring. The helmet is designed to work through multiple layers that are designed to slow or reduce head impact.

Collar and Blood Flow

Instead of a traditional helmet, this lightweight pressurized collar is designed to help prevent concussions by using the body’s own protective mechanisms. The collar exerts slight pressure in the neck that triggers a decrease in blood flow which is designed to increase the fluid protecting the brain and help reduce brain slosh.

Currently only 6D Helmets are available for purchase on their website. The Multi-Layer Helmet is being released later this month. As new developments are made regarding helmet technology we will keep you up-to-date. At Jim Dodson Law we aim to keep you informed on the latest helmet technology so you and your loved ones are safe.

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