Shocking New Head Injury Studies

BrainWe periodically update our brain injury research to stay abreast of new medical discoveries. Brain injury research has exploded over the past few years. In the process we are learning more about the consequences of brain trauma, which are much more concerning than what had been generally understood by the average person. Remember when we referred to a concussion as “having your bell rung”. Those days should be a distant memory.
Attorney Jennifer Jones, who works for us on such projects from her home in Atlanta, recently completed an eleven page update of the current brain injury research. One study which should grab the attention of any parent or grandparent looked at the effects of sub-concussive impacts, ones that do not result in a concussion, of just one season of youth football. They followed children eight to thirteen years old and did studies of their brain before and after a single season.

Quoting Jennifer’s paper, “(i)n layman’s terms, the researchers found a relationship between sub-concussive head trauma and alterations in the integrity of the white matter, the part of the brain critical for information, coordination, and communication, even in the absence of a clinically diagnosed concussion.”

Another study captured media attention when it was released. It was published in April, 2017, in PLoS One as “Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Chronic Cognitive Impairment, a Scoping Review” and was based on a review of 45 studies of the effects a single traumatic brain injury which was labeled “mild.” The author noted “…in contrast to the prevailing view that most symptoms of a concussion are resolved within three months post-injury, approximately half of individuals with a single (emphasis added) mTBI demonstrate long-term cognitive impairment.” This means both single and multiple mTBI victims experience pathophysiological changes that can be detected in both the short and long term phase.

If you would like a copy of Jennifer’s report, you can download a free copy on our website here.

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