No Text, Email Or Missed Call Is Worth This Pain

Bicycle lying in the middle of the road Jim Dodson LawIn our cycling practice we are constantly looking for topics of interest. We ran across a most poignant article written in 2017 by someone who had struck and killed a cyclist 20 years prior. It was heart wrenching to read. It is a reminder for all of us to do whatever is necessary to avoid hitting anyone, particularly a cyclist or pedestrian.

He struck and killed a cyclist riding at night without a light. It was not his fault. He was not cited. He was not speeding, texting or driving distracted. Yet, indelibly etched into his mind is the look of horror on the face of the cyclist at the moment of impact and the vision of his lifeless body lying in the road.

Let me quote from his article:
“If you remember nothing else I write, I hope you remember this: you do not want to be me. No destination, no text, no drink, no glance away from the road is worth knowing that you have killed another human being. You don’t want to feel you’d give anything not to have been on the road at that time. You don’t want to believe that anything you accomplish in life is offset by the death of another person. You don’t want any happiness you experience to remind you of the happiness denied the person you hit, her family, his friends. You don’t want to struggle to go on living, convinced you don’t deserve to exist, wishing you hadn’t been born.”

This is a powerful reminder of how quickly our lives can change and how quickly we can take the life of someone else with a moment of inattention. We are in a battle when we drive our vehicles to remain vigilant and not become distracted.

Based on an article by Shane Snowden published on March 7, 2017.

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