Our Amazing Imagination

Children holding colored leavesEach of us has been blessed by our Creator with powerful intellectual factors. Perhaps the chief of these is our gift of imagination. Watch any child at play and pay careful attention to the unbelievable worlds they create in their mind. It is simply amazing how real their imaginative world is to them. As we get older, the development of our intellect becomes rewarded, not our creativity. Kids are sometimes admonished to “stop day dreaming.” Too often, our creative mind lies dormant, the victim of a world dominated by what we perceive from our senses.

Each of us still has the ability to imagine something we want to do or to create or to become. We have the ability to create anything we can imagine. In fact, everything we use, wear, live in, operate or possess began in the imagination of someone who acted to bring it into form. The artist Van Gogh was once asked how he created his paintings and he simply said he imagined the picture he saw and then painted the image in his mind.

All achievements of man began in their imagination. Our founders imagined a new nation founded upon the rights of men. Think of the great dreamers who acted in the face of enormous odds and often to open criticism and ridicule. They would include da Vinci, Edison, Ford, Tesla, Jobs, Gates, Musk and countless others. What did they possess? Each possessed a magnificent imagination and the determination to create what they imagined.

What does this have to do with you and me? Simply that we have the same intellectual gift. Each of us can and should give ourselves permission to imagine something we really want to do, be, or accomplish. Create a vision of that image and fall in love with the idea. Then take definite action daily to bring the image into form in our lives.

Imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous, inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known.
- Napoleon Hill

Imagination is the most creative force in the universe.
- Albert Einstein

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