Car and Motorcycle Collided on County Road 1 in Palm Harbor

The Florida Highway Patrol reported three people received serious injuries in a Palm Harbor crash on Sunday afternoon. Law enforcement was called to the scene after a car and a motorcycle collided on County Road 1. Reportedly, the 82-year-old driver of a van turned left into a motorcyclist’s path.

When the vehicles collided, the cyclist was thrown from his motorcycle into the van, where he remained trapped until emergency responders were able to get him out. The motorcyclist, the motorist, and one passenger were all taken to local hospitals for critical injuries. FHP said the driver who caused the wreck was ticketed for an improper left turn.

A motorist making an improper left turn into the path of a motorcyclist is one of the most common causes of motorcycle-related accidents. While cyclists are not as easily observable on the roads as vehicles are, drivers still need to look carefully before making turns, switching lanes, and exiting parking lots and driveways to avoid colliding with the 2-wheeled drivers.
When someone is injured in a wreck, it is essential to have a motorcycle accident lawyer conduct an investigation to determine who caused the incident. The victims and families affected by the at-fault person’s negligence could then pursue a claim for financial recovery for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

A Palm Harbor Motorcycle Accident Attorney with 25 Years of Experience

Jim Dodson is a Palm Harbor motorcycle accident attorney with more than 25 years of experience assisting accident victims with injuries in recovering monetary compensation for their losses. Having an experienced attorney on your side can relieve much of the stress and uncertainty many accident victims struggle with. Your attorney should provide you with guidance in dealing with the insurance company so you get a fair settlement that fully covers all of your losses. If you are not ready to speak with a lawyer, ask us to send you our free accident book, Five Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Florida Accident Case that will provide you with useful information about motorcycle accidents in Florida.

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