El Faro Ship Tragedy Touches Families Across Florida

The sinking of the El Faro last week was an immense tragedy. As the names of the crew are being identified the stories of their lives will, no doubt, be told in news accounts from cities across Florida and beyond. The News-Press in Ft. Myers has reported that four of the men were from Lee County. Reading their personal stories makes each loss even more compelling as we learn how their lives touched so many in our communities.
The Coast Guard announced last night that they have called off the search for possible survivors. Press reports are already raising questions about the ship’s safety record and why it was in the path of Hurricane Joaquin. Hopefully, the various investigations will provide frank and truthful answers to the questions being raised for the sake of the survivors of these men and all mariners.
Houston attorney, Brian Beckcom has posted an article which raises a number of very specific questions that will more than likely be addressed in the coming weeks and months. You will find he makes his observations from a very unique perspective.
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