PSA: Do Not Sign Anything After an Accident Without Consulting a Lawyer!

A woman recently called our office about a release of liability she signed after an auto accident. She was hit from behind while slowing to stop at a red light. The other driver was given a citation for following too closely and the driver’s insurance company accepted liability for the accident. It all seemed to be moving along smoothly for the woman until she was about to have her vehicle repaired.

The woman made the mistake of telling the adjuster she was tight on cash after taking in her granddaughter and how she was taking medication for her back pain. The insurance claims adjuster met her at the repair shop and convinced her to accept an offer for a check ‘right now’ if she signed a release.

The woman signed and soon after realized this was a mistake.

She was still going through treatment for her injuries and had expected her medical bills to be covered by the insurance company, but they were not. She accepted a mere $1,000 for her accident.

Keep this in mind: an insurance adjuster may seem friendly and helpful, but they represent the insurance company. They are trying to get you to settle for a small amount of money as soon as possible. Releases written by an insurance company mean something. They are written to give up forever your right to collect further compensation, regardless of how serious your injury might be. Don’t make the same mistake as this woman. Speak to an experienced accident attorney before you sign anything. 

Have You Been Injured In A Car Accident?

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