Surgical Complications and Surveillance Can Change a Case Outcome

Guy taking a pictureWe had two cases recently which were very different and each was affected by an event happening after the injury. In one case our client had surgery on a damaged disc in the spine and suffered a known but very rare complication in an otherwise normal surgery. The complication had lasting effects on our client. Those lasting effects also become part of the evaluation of our client's injury and become part of our client's injury compensation. In Florida, the person causing an injury may be held financially responsible for complications which occur during treatment.

The other case involved a client who was secretly under surveillance by the insurance company. The company later refused to pay what we considered to be the full value of our client's injury. Their explanation was they had surveillance which showed our client doing things our client was saying they were not able to do. We never really know how frequently insurance companies follow and video clients since we rarely hear anything about it. When it happens and an insurance company believes they can prove someone is able to do more than they admit to being able to do it can seriously hurt their case. Just be very careful about what you say you can and can't do.

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