This Bicycle Could Change the Life of Someone with MS, Parkinson’s, Neuropathy or Balance Issues

Bicycle Riders Jim Dodson LawBee Alink spent many years in the Netherlands in its cycling culture. She now lives in Montréal and was a guest on a recent Facebook Live program which aired on March 28th. She has a heart for people with limited mobility due to MS, Parkinson’s, neuropathy or balance issues. She understands that people with these mobility limiting issues are not only hindered in moving from place to place but become socially isolated, an even more devastating consequence of their condition. Acting on her inspiration and vision she designed the Alinker bicycle. This magnificent device is specifically for people who can use one or both of their legs to move the cycle from place to place while seated at eye level. She pointed out to me that about half of people confined to a wheelchair have the use of their legs and could benefit from the Alinker.

During our FBL conversation she described several stories of the amazing transformation of people using it. During the Oscar program this year, actress Selma Blair used the Alinker on the red carpet. Selma is an MS patient and has become an outspoken advocate for the Alinker. Bee also related the story of a gentleman who had a stroke and lost the use of one side of his body. He used his one good leg to ride the Alinker in marathon and half marathon distance competitions. Many people have discovered the exercise benefit of moving their legs which led them to experience increased strength, stamina and resulted in significant weight loss. It also motivated many of them to become even more active, resulting in significant reduction or elimination of much of their medication. She has many such stories.

I was so touched by her interview that I wanted to broadcast the information as widely as possible. I believe this device has the potential to change lives. In fact, after we broadcast Bee’s interview we received a message from a nurse who was diagnosed with MS. She was fortunate to have discovered the Alinker. It allowed her to keep her job, which she would not otherwise have been able to do had she been confined to a wheelchair. It was a compelling message. Many of us know someone who would benefit from this amazing device.

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