The Amazing Power of Gratitude

Female waving their arm through wheatIf we want to literally change our lives, we need only become aware of the amazing power of gratitude. By that I mean taking time each day to think about and express to yourself (or in prayer) specific things for which you are grateful.

When this was first suggested to me, I was skeptical being grateful could have any serious effect on my life. Yet, the more I read and have begun to apply it in my life, I have learned the benefits can hardly be overstated. They are well-documented and have become an important part of modern psychology.

It has been shown by real experts that expressing sincere gratitude for things in our lives has an amazing positive effect on everything from our general sense of well-being to decreasing pain and depression. It reduces stress, increases our satisfaction with life, improves our sleep, increases our sense of connectedness to other people, prompts us to eat less of the wrong food, lowers our blood pressure, and makes us more inclined to exercise.

Beyond the dramatic effects on our bodies is the change gratitude creates in our emotions and how we view life. It makes us look for and pay attention to the things for which we should feel gratitude. We begin to become aware of the things others do for which we are truly grateful... think of your spouse, children,  co-workers and others.  Rather than focusing our attention on the negative, it causes us to focus on the positive. The difference may seem small, but it is incredible.

Try this daily:  just take a minute or two to think about ten things for which you are sincerely grateful. They can be as simple as someone’s kindness to you, your health, work, faith, freedom and liberty, people in your life, your home, nature, what you are able to do or what you are looking forward to doing.

I guarantee once you begin you will not want to stop and your awareness of things for which you are truly grateful will continue to grow. The trick is to do it daily until it becomes a habit. Begin today.

Jim Dodson
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A Florida injury lawyer, family man and avid cyclist who clients have trusted for over 25 years.
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