I Have Come to Realize the Astonishing Power of Believing

Jim Dodson LawOver the past year I have come to realize the astonishing power of believing what we want or need to have happen in our lives will come into being. I have a personal coach who has worked very diligently with me this year on this topic. This principle is foundational in all personal development and success literature. It is found in most religious traditions and, for Christians, Jesus says in the book of Mark “when you pray, believe you have received it and it will be yours.” Despite this having been somewhat abused, I believe we can rely on the principle.

In my view, this is not wishful thinking and it is much more than simply hoping. When we are moved to work toward a vision, dream or ideal we need to develop a clear and well articulated written vision of our goal. To begin, start with your end clearly in mind. This adds definiteness of purpose and emotional commitment to a specific goal.

Then, we must flip the switch in our minds to believe or know it will happen even though the timing of its fulfillment is not ours to control.

The key is to make a definite decision and take action. What exactly is needed for you to do; what is the first step. The exact steps may not be clear to you initially. Begin with what you believe must be done first. Then, continually reevaluate and add steps as the path becomes more clear, as it surely will.

Taking action is essential. Someone has wisely said “nothing happens until something moves.” Without action there will be no achievement. Doing nothing is wishful thinking. I love the quote from Amelia Earhart: “The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity.”

Act on your belief as if you cannot fail. Your life will never be the same.

Jim Dodson
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