Video Teaches You How You Can Enjoy Cycling On Sanibel Island Safely

"Cycling On Sanibel" is a brand new video that was just released by the Sanibel Bicycle Club. This educational video advocates for safe cycling and teaches visitors about the rules and regulations of riding on the Sanibel Shared Use Path, which is a 25 mile off road path available to cyclists and pedestrians. And even more, it will show you how to enjoy all the scenic areas by bike. Sanibel is a great place for cycling and with the flat terrain it makes it easy to get to most places you want to go.

"Thanks to the Sanibel Bicycle Club (SBC) for taking the time to create this bicycle safety video. Making the video available on the Internet to be viewed and shared will help to educate the community and visitors on how to stay safe while cycling in Sanibel. We encourage others to share this video in hopes that other communities will follow", said attorney Jim Dodson.

We encourage everyone to watch the video especially if you plan to visit Sanibel. We also wanted to provide some information from the video that we felt was important for all cyclists to know if they plan to cycle on the Island.

Things You Should Know About Cycling on Sanibel's Shared Use Path

  • The Shared Use Path covers Sanibel Island from end to end.
  • Cyclists share the path with pedestrians, rollerbladers, parents with strollers, people walking for exercise and pets on leashes.
  • You will see all age groups using this path so it's important to be courteous.
  • Cyclists must yield to pedestrians and all other users of the path.

Rules Cyclists Must Follow

  • Cyclists 15 years and younger must use a helmet but all cyclists should do so.
  • When passing, the law requires cyclists to give an audible warning whether it be a horn, a bell or a verbal alert.
  • On the path, cyclists should ride on the right and pass on the left.
  • Use hand signals to alert others around you.
  • If you have to stop, pull to the side so others can get by.
  • Obey all signs and traffic markings.
  • The law prohibits the use any type of listening device.
  •  If riding at night, the law requires that you use a white headlight, a red taillight, and a rear reflector.

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