A Motorcyclist and Passenger Injured in Apollo Beach Crash

The Tampa Bay Times reported two motorcyclists were seriously injured in Apollo Beach on Dec. 11. The article said a 54-year-old motorcyclist and 28-year-old passenger were traveling northbound on U.S. 301 when the 29-year-old driver of a 2003 Monte Carlo turned left into their path.

The motorcycle struck the passenger’s side of the vehicle in the collision. Both the cyclist and his passenger were ejected in the impact and taken to Tampa General Hospital for serious crash-related injuries. The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) said the cyclist’s condition was listed as stable while his passenger was in serious condition as of the report on Dec. 12. 

Hillsborough County has the second highest rate of motorcycle injuries in the state. Last year, 671 motorcyclists sustained injuries in crashes in the county. The most common causes of crashes are drivers turning into the path of the motorcycle or failing to yield the right of way.

When a motorist causes a collision because they didn’t see a motorcyclist coming or did not yield to someone on a bike, the injured person can file a claim for the harms and losses suffered. It’s important to speak to a knowledgeable injury attorney who will begin a prompt and thorough investigation of the circumstances of the collision.

If you have suffered serious bodily injury in a motorcycle accident, it’s always best to get answers to your questions about your legal rights from an experienced injury lawyer.

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